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Rev. Larry & Earline Wilks


Following years of assisting pastors and evangelizing, based out of their home church in Lake Charles, LA, Pastor Larry and Earline Wilks answered the call of God to serve The Pentecostals of Spartanburg in 1985. Growth was promised by God and realized by their dedication, hard work, and servant’s heart. Humble beginnings, as one of seven children born into a project home in Sulphur, LA, is the catalyst for Pastor Wilks’ passion to live II Corinthians 12:15 to “spend and be spent” for the Gospel of Christ and equal opportunity of all to hear it.

In addition to pastoring, their ministry has impacted others by serving as SC District Youth President and raising up pastors, missionaries, and ministries through Godly mentoring. Pastor Wilks is consumed with a burden to make sure that every young pastor and fledgling church has every opportunity, and the support needed, to succeed.

They still serve as the Pastors of The Pentecostals of Spartanburg with their children and many more that call them family.


We work hard to prioritize our youth ministries! Preaching, Teaching, and Activities keep your teens plugged in!


Sunday School, VBS, Harvest Fest, Praisentations... the list could go on! We love our children!


We love our Hispanic family, and we were among the first to open our doors to bilingual and Spanish ministries!


Our beautiful and talented musicians and singers lead us into the presence of God each service! Awesome!!

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