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These are the fellowship cornerstones of The Pentecostals of Spartanburg, and our life's endeavor to live and spread the saving truth that Jesus provided. 


It all starts with faith, and we believe that true faith, coupled with a love for God, and a desire to please Him, will lead the believer to long to be more like Him.  We no longer desire to live a life of sin because we have been forgiven by His blood, brought close by His grace, and made new by His Spirit.  

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What We Believe



We believe in absolutely One God who created all things and by whom all things exist.  God has manifested and revealed Himself by His name:  Jesus.

The bible


We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is "profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction & instruction".



Everyone has sinned and "all men everywhere" are commanded to repent. 



We believe that we are "buried with Him" in baptism, and that the Name of Jesus should be called over you as witnessed in Acts.

Holy Ghost


The Holy Ghost is still being poured out on all who are thirsty.  We must be born again of Water and Spirit

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